miniDooM: Who said there was nothing to show?

Behold! An actual screen capture of the work in progress! I'm so proud.

Now, there will probably some amount of head-scratching going on, so let me explain.


miniDooM: On System-Agnosticism

Another week(+) gone by, and still no sexy screenshots to show. That is the hardest part of the process I call "software condensation" (when the project is transitioning from vaporware to an actual piece of software), a lot of work is going on, but there is little to show for it.

Anyway, therapeutic as it might be, ranting won't get stuff done.

The Display Manager is coming along nicely, in fact, being able now to display and handle windows, change to full screen, manage screen resolutions, etc...

The part I'm having some fun with ("fun" pronounced as "hysteria-inducing difficulty") is the attempts at making the software System Agnostic.

What does this mean? Essentially that all calls to the underlying system (Java's libraries in this case) have to be neatly packed away in a corner of the code, so when the whole thing is ported to, say, C++, I don't need to go around figuring out how to re-implement methods, classes and attributes.

So far, the encapsulation is working nicely, the System namespace where I'm dumping all system-dependent elements is shaping up to be a decent template for multi-platform development, and I'm really glad I decided to focus first on this part, or else having to "rewire" everything else to meet the new specifications would've been a nightmare.

So, to recap, this is what I have currently completed:


miniDooM: Sexy Screen Management

So, save some final polishing, seems like I finally have a satisfactory screen manager, one that handles switching between full-screen and window mode smoothly, manages different display devices and compatible screen modes, and even makes coffee!

Ok, I might have exaggerated a bit on that last one.

For those who don't know, I'm somewhat obsessive-compulsive when it comes to base class development. I want a program's infrastructure to be elegant and robust enough to allow for both easy maintenance and future modification... Which of course means I tend to be rubbish with deadlines.

Now the next step is to finalize the input management classes (Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad), and then I will be ready to throw some sprites into the mix and try to have something move along the screen.

On other news, I'm considering using an actual normal mapping on the game's sprites to get a more flexible lighting solution. The trouble would be to keep the cel-shading style I'm aiming for, and keep processor load down too.

Well, I guess I'll see once I have a running interactive system and start experimenting with the rendering.


Real Life Attacks Again!

Oh, for the love of...

Yes, it's been a few weeks I haven't updated this. Truth be told, this time the Real-Life Attack  has been intensive... As in actual illness. Plus helping a friend move. Plus rain, lots of rain... Which shouldn't affect my programming schedule, but you know how it is, all that sweet rain out there, and everyone wants to stay indoors... Feeling forced to stay home really upsets me.