miniDooM: Who said there was nothing to show?

Behold! An actual screen capture of the work in progress! I'm so proud.

Now, there will probably some amount of head-scratching going on, so let me explain.

What you are seeing is an execution test of the Display and Screen managers. The windows there? Each is assigned to a different display device (My computer has two monitors), and the little demo going inside has ascii faces moving from left to right at different speeds, and a static filter.

Not to mention that each screen has a different rendering size, as well as the static filter having a different intensity. But hey, details.

It's not too impressive to look at, but rest assured that the stuff behind the scenes is rather complex.

Now, someone might point "if each window is assigned to a different screen, how come both are showing on the same screenshot?". The answer to that is.... I'm not sure. But probably has to do with the desktop being extended over both devices rather than having an independent desktop per screen. Rest assured it will be investigated.

Personally I'm very proud of the encapsulation of the whole thing, although a lot of polishing needs to be done still.

But hey, to the very least, I now have some sort of proof that something is being built! Yay!

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