miniDooM: There is a reason working titles exist as a concept...

... and that reason is that coming up with a decent title for a project is neutronium-level hard.

I personally don't like the DooM4k title for a series of reasons, chief among them being:

  • It is an unispired title
  • It is not a Java 4k game
  • It might get the project confused with the (hopefully) upcoming DooM 4
  • It is very uninspired
  • Feels like I'm trying to ride on the coat-tails of the DooM franchise, instead of making a homage.
  • Did I mention uninspired?
  • There is no BFG4k planned

The confusion with the still in development hell DooM 4 has me specially worried, as it might attract the attention of zealous lawyers seeing me as a threat to their IP.

So I'm looking for other options. I'd set up a poll, but I don't have either the audience or the confidence in said audience not choosing the worst possible option just for laughs.

My current runners up are the following silly plays on the title:

  • DooM-Dee-DooM
  • (Big) Ba-da-DooM
  • DooMieS
  • Bah-DooM-Tish

Ok, I'm only serious about one of those. Let me have my fun.

Update (2014-01-30): And the winner has been.... None of them! The project is now called miniDooM. The observant might have noticed I've taken the time to correct all blog posts. Yay for tedious work!

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