Refactoring and You

So lately I've been suffering a severe case of coding-burnout back at work, which has delayed game development.

To relax myself, I've taken to doing something I quite enjoy, and find quite fun sometimes: Code Refactoring!

Namely, I take someone else's source code, and delve into it, re-organizing to fit my tastes, and learning new tricks along the way.

I find it is an interesting way to learn, as well as a zen-like relaxation exercise.

I usually look at the source code from entries into the Java4k competition, mostly because, needing to be as compact as possible, the code often lacks comments or a coherent structure, which forces me to actually understand what it does while refactoring.

As I've said before, the DooM4k miniDooM project came about as I refactored Notch's Left4kDead source. Good times.

As for the DooM4k miniDooM's status? I should make a post on normal-based dynamic lighting and why Java2d hates me.

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