miniDooM: First Deadline

I know I work better with a deadline so I don't just procrastinate. Here's to doing that very same thing with the DooM-4k miniDooM project.

For this summer, I am setting a monthly deadline, with the following milestones to be reached by the set date:

  • July 31st 2013: It's Alive!

    This first build should include the following elements:
    • Controllable Doomie: The Doomie should move properly, collisions and all.
    • Basic Map: A basic map should load, with support for multiple sectors and proper transitions/collisions. Different sectors should support different tilesets.
    • Basic Corpsie: A number of Corpsies should spawn around the map, and they should move towards the Doomie when they see it.

  • August 31st 2013They are NOT!

    Second build, with the following features included:
    • Basic Weapons: Ability to pick up and shoot weapons at Corpsies.
    • Basic Multi-Sector Pathfinding: Corpsies should move from sector to sector trying to chase the player even if they don't see it.
    • Basic Lighting: First iteration of the actual polygon-based lighting system.

  • September 30th 2013And Here We Are!

    Third build, including a single very troublesome feature:
    • Basic Multiplayer: Two networked clients should be able to link up, with each one controlling a different Doomie. Should also support local multiplayer.

Hopefully this schedule won't be.... too hopeful. With some luck I might be able to finish some of the elements for the following build in a previous build, resulting in some revision of the schedule.

Now it would be great if I managed to update the projects page to include this information... Need to work on the layout for that one.

Update: Consider this whole deadline thing to be a complete failure. I think I'll get back to the deadline system once I've completed the basic engine work and what's left is content creation and fine-tuning.


Real Life Attacks II: Return of the Finals

This is the type of post I hate most doing, essentially a poor excuse for my lack of updates.

Anyway, had exams, had stressful workload at work, and had to play Bioshock.

I still have to play though Bioshock, though, but I now have time to resume game development.

And I don't mean Bioshock: Infinite, I mean the first one. Have never played it before, I'm loving it so far, and since I rarely play current games, I'll probably won't touch Infinite in a long time.