... and the Inevitable Conclusion...

After more development, I've finally decided to split the math-related code out of the project into specific libraries:

Not only is this more convenient when reusing them, but the important reason right now is to keep code organized, and, truth be told, the package where I was developing these classes was growing out of control (it originally was a lowly "utils" package... How it has grown!).

The split doesn't just include geometry related code, but I've also split general math-related utilities code into it's own library, as well as fast-math implementations of certain operations.

Now, onwards to refactoring many of the structures, because I've realized the current naming scheme is a mess, and not too representative of the real object implemented.

On a happier note, being able to properly split things like this, somewhat cleanly I might add, really bodes well for the long-term, specially for my goal of having decent modularity!

And now, the hard question... Will I be able to get the Doomie running again soon? Will it be chased by angry polyhedra? Mystery! Intrigue! Pass...ably interesting.

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