miniDooM: Missed Deadline (Figures)

I've failed to meet the first deadline I had set up for myself:
  • July 31st 2013It's Alive!  MISSED

    Status of proposed goals:
    • Controllable Doomie: Doomie sprite plus movement and control implemented. Collisions not implemented.
    • Basic Map: Not implemented.
    • Basic Corpsie: Not Implemented.

The main reason for the delay, apart from my work schedule being lousy, has been my decision to split the code relating to geometry calculations into an independent library, which has resulted in a lot of effort being dedicated into making the library somewhat consistent and flexible, as I've recognized a series of future needs it will fulfil (Originally the calculations were only meant to handle the structure of the game map, but I've realized I can use them for pretty much every game object... If made properly flexible).

As such, I'll shift the deadline dates one month forward.

On the plus side, the deadline is working, as meeting it has been in my mind constantly. Since the goal was to avoid putting the project in the back of my mind and forgetting about it for long periods of time, I'd say it's been successful in that regard!

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