miniDooM: A Wild Triangle Has Appeared!

I really shouldn't try Pokemon jokes, I've never really played the games...

In any case, here's a tiny little update:

What are you seeing here? Well, let's see:

  • That blue triangle with wacky red lines is the visual rendering of a polygon from the underlying geometry system. It is not working right, at the red lines going all out of whack indicates. Also, the more edges the polygon has, the larger it grows. The math is punishing me it seems.
    But, on the plus side, it is being generated and shown, so it's a good thing.
  • The keen-eyed might notice there are two Doomies instead of one. Well, there sure are.
  • The map is also a bit different from the last time. The nifty thing is that what you're seeing has been generated from an input text file, rather than me manually typing values into some data array, which means the map parser is working quite well.
  • You might also notice that the green Doomie has a light cone rather than a circle, and yes, it points in the appropriate direction.

What are you not seeing?

  • Both Doomies use a nifty structure to draw their multiple sprites and animations, which is working quite well. Their parts are easily interchangeable. For example, I could easily swap their bodies, or give them a different head.
  • Both Doomies are fully mobile, and respond to different input. So you cold say I have local multiplayer implemented... In any case, it's nice to see them move like that. They also do a few more actions, namely draw a red line straight forward when the "shoot" button is pressed, and a blue circle when the "use" button is pressed. Just visual effects, but it's nice to see.
  • Although the Polygon is not working right, the Doomies are actually built on the same Geometry system, and use those same malfunctioning vectors (red lines) to move around and (eventually) calculate collisions. So the system is not completely out of whack, possibly it's just the Polygon creation math.
All in all I'm happy with my recent progress. Once the polygons are working, it'll be collision detection time (it's coded and tested, needs to be integrated), and I might have those Doomies bumping into each other soon.

Or, I could add a primitive AI. Something simple, like one of the Doomies always trying to stay at a certain distance from the other.

We'll see...

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