miniDooM: Getting a hold of things... Again

Time to get back on track. As I mentioned before, I'm currently facing a dilemma regarding the miniDooM project, and this has brought to the forefront a sad truth of my current situation: Unless I get on with it and do something, the project will remain forever in the planning stages (I know, I know, basic stuff). So I'm now trying to focus on the basics.

My plan now is to build a feature complete release, that is, an implementation of the game that contains most, if not all, of the planned gameplay features, leaving content generation for a latter phase.

What this means is having the game boot directly into a game map with a few items, baddies and the like scattered around, and not to worry about how the game's story is structured.

Right now I'm making a list of the essential gameplay elements that I need to hit for this feature release. Once those are decided, I'll spend time creating the needed assets (a complete tileset for the map, all the required sprites for just this release, a few items), and then I'll focus on just programming the functionality, forgetting all about content generation until I have hit the functionality-complete release milestone.

I also need to get back to the weekly blog update, if only to keep myself thinking about my projects.


DooM fangame: Rebooting

So I'm back from medical leave, still not entirely "fixed", but hey, who is?

Regarding my project, I'm pondering some hard decisions, namely:

  • Do I get rid of the DooM branding and make my own thing?
  • Do I scrap a big chunk of the display handling code and implement a simplistic LWJGL window to draw unto?
The reason for both of these is to simplify my life, both from a programming standpoint, as well as from a "not wanting to have the DooM IP owners come knocking and causing me headaches down the line".

I'm also getting distracted with other projects, which, as anyone who has ever tried to do something knows, carries a high risk of causing the abandonment of whatever I was doing before contemplating "new" things.

Luckily, a big point about the development of my game project is to create a framework where I can experiment with other game ideas (hence why I overcomplicate some of my code to make it flexible), which is why the whole "scrapping code" idea is a hard decision to make.

So, here's to getting back on track!


Still Alive...

But on medical leave.

Nothing terribly serious, but enough to make working on projects difficult.


And now, for something completely different....

This DevLog is supposed to be about more than just videogame development, so here are a couple sketches.


(click for full size images)

They are each for different projects, one for a webcomic, the other for a possible videogame. I'll let you wonder which is which.


A Matter of Size

Yes, this is another "I'm still alive" post.

There have been few updates lately, the project is still undergoing its adaptation to using LWJGL, plus I'm taking the chance to clean up some of the graphics libraries I had already coded, because they were having an unacceptable memory footprint.

On another end, my graphics card got fried, after many years of service. This last weekend I installed a new one:

The thing is ridiculously big. To the point it barely fit into the case. I haven't tested it, due to the compressed air spray I used to clean the rig leaving some condensation around.

Yes, I'm drying my computer.

So I expect to get back in action this week, hopefully with the previous geometry tests now running under OpenGL.

Next hardware upgrade: A reliable NAS drive so I can have a decent SVN setup.


What? I have a blog?!

Yes, I've been away for a while... Choose whatever excuse you prefer: Work, Exams, other Exams, or lazyness. End result is the same.

There hasn't been much progress on the project lately, mostly because I'm dumb and try to do too much. Thing is, I've been trying to merge the LWJGL source with mine since there are many point in which they both match, and, truth be told, I just love to take programs apart to see what makes them tick.

This time, once I saw how it ticked, I realized it'd be stupid to do what I was trying to do, and have thus been reverting back to my previous setup, with the intention of just linking to the LWJGL libraries instead of integrating them.

So now I'm working on that, and also moving code around to where it should be. Turns out I've built most of the existing code under a "test" namespace, while all the proper namespaces for the different pieces of the engine sit there, sand and empty, while the "test" namespace grows big and bloated.

I'm thinking about doing another mockup, just to get me in a more positive mood. Ironically, using per-pixel lighting makes it harder to produce a mockup manually than it was when I intended to have simple overlayed shadows. Maybe I could do the mockup in-engine.... Yeah, that sound interesting.


miniDooM: GlooMy...

I've been tinkering a little more with the lighting code, as well as the textures. It is starting to look rather good:

There's a trick to that image, though... It is actually done using GLSL shaders through the LWJGL libraries.

I still need to benchmark it, but performance is way better. I might even get an animated gif once I figure how to avoid making them so heavy.

On other news, I've gone through all the archives and renamed the project from DooM-4K to miniDooM, as well as doing some typo hunting.

I'd better stick to that project name, lest I have to do the whole renaming thing again.


System Fault That Happens Over A Distance

Funny thing happened recently. I got my hands on the latest (as of this writing) Weekly Sale from Humble Bundle, a collection of rogue-like games, and my attention was drawn immediately to the game I'm plugging talking about today:

Why do I want to talk about this game?


miniDoom: In Light of New Events...

Wooo! Real-Life twice-a-year obligations I can use as an excuse to post nothing over! (for now)

Actually, it's not like I haven't been doing anything during this latest exa... excuse period. I was a little burnt out with the polygon/collision detection code, so I've been tinkering with something else. And now, to appease my ego: Let there be LIGHT!

As I usually do, the breakdown: