miniDooM: GlooMy...

I've been tinkering a little more with the lighting code, as well as the textures. It is starting to look rather good:

There's a trick to that image, though... It is actually done using GLSL shaders through the LWJGL libraries.

I still need to benchmark it, but performance is way better. I might even get an animated gif once I figure how to avoid making them so heavy.

On other news, I've gone through all the archives and renamed the project from DooM-4K to miniDooM, as well as doing some typo hunting.

I'd better stick to that project name, lest I have to do the whole renaming thing again.


System Fault That Happens Over A Distance

Funny thing happened recently. I got my hands on the latest (as of this writing) Weekly Sale from Humble Bundle, a collection of rogue-like games, and my attention was drawn immediately to the game I'm plugging talking about today:

Why do I want to talk about this game?


miniDoom: In Light of New Events...

Wooo! Real-Life twice-a-year obligations I can use as an excuse to post nothing over! (for now)

Actually, it's not like I haven't been doing anything during this latest exa... excuse period. I was a little burnt out with the polygon/collision detection code, so I've been tinkering with something else. And now, to appease my ego: Let there be LIGHT!

As I usually do, the breakdown: