What? I have a blog?!

Yes, I've been away for a while... Choose whatever excuse you prefer: Work, Exams, other Exams, or lazyness. End result is the same.

There hasn't been much progress on the project lately, mostly because I'm dumb and try to do too much. Thing is, I've been trying to merge the LWJGL source with mine since there are many point in which they both match, and, truth be told, I just love to take programs apart to see what makes them tick.

This time, once I saw how it ticked, I realized it'd be stupid to do what I was trying to do, and have thus been reverting back to my previous setup, with the intention of just linking to the LWJGL libraries instead of integrating them.

So now I'm working on that, and also moving code around to where it should be. Turns out I've built most of the existing code under a "test" namespace, while all the proper namespaces for the different pieces of the engine sit there, sand and empty, while the "test" namespace grows big and bloated.

I'm thinking about doing another mockup, just to get me in a more positive mood. Ironically, using per-pixel lighting makes it harder to produce a mockup manually than it was when I intended to have simple overlayed shadows. Maybe I could do the mockup in-engine.... Yeah, that sound interesting.

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