A Matter of Size

Yes, this is another "I'm still alive" post.

There have been few updates lately, the project is still undergoing its adaptation to using LWJGL, plus I'm taking the chance to clean up some of the graphics libraries I had already coded, because they were having an unacceptable memory footprint.

On another end, my graphics card got fried, after many years of service. This last weekend I installed a new one:

The thing is ridiculously big. To the point it barely fit into the case. I haven't tested it, due to the compressed air spray I used to clean the rig leaving some condensation around.

Yes, I'm drying my computer.

So I expect to get back in action this week, hopefully with the previous geometry tests now running under OpenGL.

Next hardware upgrade: A reliable NAS drive so I can have a decent SVN setup.

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