DooM fangame: Rebooting

So I'm back from medical leave, still not entirely "fixed", but hey, who is?

Regarding my project, I'm pondering some hard decisions, namely:

  • Do I get rid of the DooM branding and make my own thing?
  • Do I scrap a big chunk of the display handling code and implement a simplistic LWJGL window to draw unto?
The reason for both of these is to simplify my life, both from a programming standpoint, as well as from a "not wanting to have the DooM IP owners come knocking and causing me headaches down the line".

I'm also getting distracted with other projects, which, as anyone who has ever tried to do something knows, carries a high risk of causing the abandonment of whatever I was doing before contemplating "new" things.

Luckily, a big point about the development of my game project is to create a framework where I can experiment with other game ideas (hence why I overcomplicate some of my code to make it flexible), which is why the whole "scrapping code" idea is a hard decision to make.

So, here's to getting back on track!

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