miniDooM: More shading with LWJGL

I'm in the middle of upgrading all my core software from LWJGL 2.0 to LWJGL 3.0, which is a non-trivial amount of work, resulting in sizable chunks of code being thrown out because now, with hindsight, I realize how useless most of it really was (something I knew would happen anyway).

For the time being, here's a sample of the lighting shader:

Diffuse Map 
Normal Map
Spooky Lighting!
That light moves following the mouse cursor, and I love how the floor tiles look with the effect (I personally hate how my hand-made floor tiles come up).

Now, I'll hopefully have a moving character under that setup.

Oh, and in case I didn't mention it (I probably did), those normal maps are made by hand, which means I'm going to hate myself when applying normal maps to all the animations. It's a good thing most characters are modular, and a lot of the sprite elements get re-used.


DooM fangame: Something's brewing...

I decided to give color pencils a try:

Yes, I'm being purposefully vague about my recent hiatus and this new post. Just bask in the glory of the kitty helmet for the time being.

Art: Oldies but Goldies

Been digging through my old drawings (aka unfinished projects), thought I'd share some, starting by this uplifting image: