DooM fangame: Content Malcontent

TL;DR -- Limiting myself to shareware content --
It's been a while since I last posted, and you don't really care why, so let's jump straight into the thick of it.
I need constraints. If I'm let loose on a project, I just start adding cool features or endlessly debating over tiny details. Debating with myself. Yes, it's as silly as you'd expect.
So, I found myself a neat constraint. It's not a new idea, mind you, but it hit me hard again with the latest kerfuffle regarding content-id on Youtube and how trigger happy some corporations are regarding their IP, which was compounded by the imminent arrival of the new DooM game.
My idea is to work exclusively with "open" content, which has lead me to limit the contents of my DooM fangame to just the contents of the Shareware versions of the original.
This means that only maps, monsters and items present in the Shareware versions will be reflected in the game which spans only the Knee-Deep in Dead episode of the first game.
This is still a lot of content, to be honest, so I've also decided to cut back on "nifty" gameplay ideas, and keep it simple.
Now, I don't know if, from a legal standpoint, this offers any protection at all from a cease and desist order, but I guess it won't be seen as harmful as using content not freely available.
In any case, using less non-original content means it'll be easier to replace it if I ever get in trouble about it.
Onward to doing some work and posting some screenshots!

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