DooM fangame: Progress Report #8 - Time Bonus and Redesign

Ok, so I've added an extra month to the counter. Why? Because this last month I've been both very busy at work, and have had a nasty cold that kept me away from working on the project.

Now, I also decided a while back to cut down on some of the intended features for the first playable release.

On my original countdown post, I committed myself to finishing the entire game, which was very unrealistic in retrospect, so for the first deadline I'm shifting my focus to having something that is playable, with the bare essentials.

I'm expecting to pick up the pace once all the basic elements are in (easier to add monster variety, for example, when the basic monster framework has been coded in).

The features I expect for the first release are, fittingly, very similar to Notch's Lef4KDead mini game (sorry, no link, it was originally hosted at Mojang's site, but it is gone now), which means the following:

  • Goal: Player must reach the map exit.
  • Enemies: Just zombies, with the occasional swarm rush.
  • Weapons: Infinite ammo one-shot-per-click sidearm (Pistol) and ammo dependent longarm (Shotgun) with specific fire rate.
  • Items: Randomly spawned medkits and ammo packs.
  • Progression: The more levels the player beats, the larger the maps, and the more frequent the zombie spawns.

One thing I won't be doing yet is lighting, but on the other hand the procedural map generation is already built! I based my code on future data lab's procedural dungeon generator, with tweaks specific to my needs, but so far it's mostly their code, so go visit them!

So, if the cold and associated real headaches subside, I'll soon have some screenies of the map generation process!

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