DooM fangame: Progress Report #8 - Time's up!

To be precise, time was up a week ago, on Halloween.

So... What to do? My stated commitment was to either release something playable or discard the project and work on something else.

But it's so easy to cheat oneself.

Thing is, I know if I start something new I'll probably never see it to completion... And I've gone so far (relatively speaking) with this project.

So I think I'm going to "discard" the parts of the project that were holding me back, and rework it into something different.

What is going out the window?

  • Procedural Generation: Yes, I even have the algorithms set up, and was debugging them, but even with the Proc'Gen code up and running, it would make balancing the game more complex, so I'll shelve it for the time being.
  • Extensibility: This one hurts because it goes against all y instincts, but trying to make everything extensible (future-proof) has been a major burden throughout, I'm going to focus on specific functionality and will look into extending things later on. After all, my next project will probably result in major rewrites anyway.
  • Multi-Level Maps: One of the things making my life miserable was having to design the tile-rendering system to account for several floor levels, much like in the modern Zelda games where you can have different heights in the same room. I'm giving up on that idea for now, it's proving to be much too complex.
What else is changing?

Well, I've been playing a game I should've been playing since the beginning, which has again reminded me of how much you can make with very little, so I've reworked my design to approximate how said game works... And yes, I'm purposefully omitting which game it is.... So I can make my next post about it. It shouldn't be surprising.

Now the important bit.... Do I reset the countdown???

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