Getting an Education: Overdue Edition

Back on ancient times... Or more precisely on May of 2016, I said the following:
As for the original Legend of Zelda, I got it too (classics series for the GBA) but... There's something about it that just doesn't engage me, and after wandering around for a bit I tend to lose interest.
 Oh how young and ignorantnaive I was!

So yeah, I decided to try and play the original Legend of Zelda on my GBA, but this time I armed myself with the proper tool to avoid the reason I never managed to stick with it: A MAP!

Gold Cartridge... Quality!
See, the only real complaint I have about the game (besides some minor nitpicks) is that there's no overworld map, making it hard to track progress and know where you're going.

Now, some might be screeching at me for such heresy, claiming that drawing your own map is part of the fun/challenge... And yes, I get that, I really loved making my own maps back in the day... Unfortunately, when I play these games on my GBA, I tend to be on the go, maybe sitting at a bar, and not in a position to craft my own maps and notes. Also, these games usually had a map included in their manual (I mean, look at the box caption above), which I don't have because I bought the cartridge alone, since GBA boxes and manuals seem to be crafted from unicorn blood and the dreams of pixies seeing how expensive they are (or are collectors items, more probably).

So yeah, I just looked up an overworld map that indicated where everything was, then it turned out the map I got was for the second quest so it still didn't make sense, and when I finally got the proper map... I started to really enjoy the game, both as a player, and as a game designer... That game is pretty tightly designed!

The Second Quest map that had me questioning my sanity
It has its flaws, of course, and feels primitive, but it manages a lot with very little, and I was pretty impressed, which is no mean feat considering I had already played through A Link To The Past and The Minish Cap!

I'm even playing through the second quest mapless!

The great thing is that this game is, perhaps, the closest to what I was trying to do with the DooM fangame (minus all the blood and bullets), so I've decided to adapt my existing design to more closely resembling this game... Starting by forgetting about complex tilesets and just have them work!

Soon (hopefully) I'll post my new design plan, for the time being... It is a secret to everybody!

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