Hello! My name is Nico, and I'm a developer.

I develop software for a living (the technical term is "Software Engineer") and develop different personal projects as a hobby.

I also wear hats.

This blog was launched with the sole purpose of helping motivate myself through public exposure. The philosophy being "If people see you procrastinate, you'll feel bad about it and do something".

A big flaw on that plan is that such a thing would require a sizable audience, but fear not, my own delusions of self-importance got that covered. So yes, I am basically speaking to a mostly imaginary audience, mostly composed of retro-futuristic robots of course.

Hey, it's my imaginary audience, it'll be composed of gentleman lizards if I want it to!

In the interest of providing some useful information, my current interests cover the following:

  • Game Development
  • Comic Writting/Drawing
  • Filming/Acting
  • Puppeteering
  • PaperKraft-ing
  • Web Design

Some, or maybe all of those interests are bound to show up on this Blog.